Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Love My Doctor

I had to go to my doctor today, by his request, for the results of my latest routine blood work. As I suspected, my average sugar level had gone up (quite a nice little jump, in fact), and I just knew he was going to put me on medication. My plan going in was to (1) humbly admit that I had gotten lax with my eating and exercise habits, and (2) beg him not to put me back on medication! To my very pleasant surprise, he didn't even mention putting me back on medicine! I am so happy for that! Not only is there the extra expense of medication, but the everyday side effects such as hypoglycemic reactions, and the long-term side effects such as possible liver damage. I'm learning that this doctor is not a medicate-and-wait doctor, which I've never experienced before. The doctor who diagnosed my diabetes immediately put me on medicine and never educated me about diet and exercise! I just assumed that all doctors were like that, or at least that finding one who wasn't like that would be like finding a needle in a haystack. When I told my doctor today that I'd expected him to prescribe a medication for me, he said, "Ohhhh, no . . . you need to tighten up; you're not at a point to need medication yet!"

Another thing I am learning to love about my doctor is that he is practical. We just don't have the extra money to buy testing supplies right now, so he gave me a standing order for a fasting blood glucose test every month. He said that will give him some idea every month of how I'm managing, and every 3 months I'll have the test that gives him the average of my sugar levels over that quarter. By doing these two tests regularly, he has a monthly and quarterly snapshot of how I'm doing. I've never, ever had a doctor who kept that close a watch on me and didn't insist that I buy the test strips and test 3 or more times a day. He's not just practicing medicine; he's treating a patient, doing what's best for her where she is.

So, for this month, the bottom line is that I need to tighten up on my carb intake and get some exercise. I have this southern thing going about walking in the rain: when it rained, my Mama made me come in the house. You just don't walk in the rain! LOL Since it rains almost every day in Vancouver during the fall, winter, and spring, I'm just going to have to walk in the rain! Mama will never know! LOL It's the cheapest, simplest way to get exercise, and it's my favorite way to exercise. And this doctor definitely believes in exercise! His answer to almost everything I ask him about blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure? EXERCISE! UGH!

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  1. Actually it is true about walking or running. When I was in College we were told a true story of a man who didn't want to kill himself by gun or hanging. So he decided to run himself to death. He went out and ran until he collapsed and went unconscious. He was disappointed when he came to and found out that he didn't die. He did this day after day. Soon he started feeling better, stronger, and healthier. And best of all he decided he didn't want to commit suicide after all!


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