Friday, November 18, 2005

I Didn't Start My Scarf Yet

I'm still holding on! The yarn is sitting on my desk, though, calling out to me. This afternoon I made a few stitches, just to see what it looks like worked up a little. I love these colors! I'll have to post a pic of the scarf after I get it done and have a place to download our pictures to, probably after we get back home.

We're getting everything together that we're taking with us, discussing our carry-on bags and luggage and stuff. Beth is afraid she'll get sick on the plane, because she gets queasy riding through the mountains. We'll take some non-drowsy Dramamine for her, I think, just in case. Samuel is our researcher. We'll talk about something at lunch and say "I wonder if . . . " and by supper time he has an answer for us. He knows the weather forecasts for the whole trip, the luggage dimensions that are allowed, and how much it costs to hunt in SC! My brother Jason is a big hunter (he's already bagged four deer this fall - I think that's the word for it), so Samuel is hoping he can convince Uncle Jason to go hunting while we're there. The boy doesn't realize that the only convincing Jason needs is to NOT go hunting . . . or fishing. Andrew is excited (he and Beth have never flown before), but he doesn't show it as much as Samuel and I do. If we're excited, you know it! Wes, Andrew, and Beth have to be persuaded to show excitement. I think that's pretty dull, but they insist they love life and have a good time! Go figure!

I'm rambling. I must stop. Maybe something interesting will happen tomorrow that I can blog about.


  1. I hope you enjoy the weather here in the Carolinas this week. It's been in the mid-fifties the past couple of days.

    Enjoy your plane trip, and please do post pictures of that scarf!

  2. My daughter gets very carsick so when we flew to Puerto Rico in September, we bought her some Dramamine. It wasn't the non-drowsy version so, not only was she not sick, she also got a nap on the plane.

    I hope you have a great trip.

  3. Hope you have a good trip and a wonderful visit with your family!


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