Friday, November 25, 2005

Here I Am!

Here we are in beautiful, sunny, fairly warm upstate SC. We got in late Tuesday night, after being in airports and on airplanes for some 10 hours or so. I love flying! This was the first flight for 2 of our children, and they both enjoyed it too. The last leg of our flight was on an itty bitty plane that my big people had trouble getting into and sitting in. I was even a little cramped!

We've been staying at my dad's house, and our kids have been staying at my sister's at night. She has 7 children, so my kids have been having a great time. It does make a full(er) house for my sister though. We sure do appreciate her taking them at night. Wes and I are sleeping in my parents' camper out beside the house. It's like our own personal little hotel!

Yesterday we all went over to my brother's house - 23 of us altogether - and had the hugest Thanksgiving dinner I've had in a while. The main course was ham and turkey, of course, and more trimmings than you can shake a stick at. The dessert table was loaded down too. I didn't eat much dessert - honest! I did make a sugar free dessert and had some of that, but I also had to sample a bite of apple pie and a couple of bites of pumpkin cake and a coconut candy that's the homemade version of Mounds. That's all. Probably too much, but that's all, anyway.

My dad is the pastor of a Spanish church, and their mid-week service is on Thursday night. So after dinner my sister, BIL, our niece, and I drove over to the service. It was a blessing to be there. Daddy just had a time of testimonies and singing, and although I couldn't understand the language, tears and a light in the eye speak without words! There was a sweet spirit there, and I enjoyed meeting the folks that my parents are ministering to.

Today is rest day - we're just kind of hanging around the house. Beth's tummy isn't feeling well this morning (hopefully not a virus that will go through the whole family). We may go out a bit later today. Tomorrow my dad's sister and brothers are coming to visit. Hopefully we'll get some good pics tomorrow. We got some candid shots yesterday at dinner, but no posed family pictures. I'll post some when I can. I want to show off my family!

I hope you're all having a great week. I'm enjoying family, but missing home. See you later!


  1. It sounds as if you are having a wondeful time!

  2. Have fun here in the Carolinas!

  3. Susan I miss you! Hurry home!


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