Saturday, November 19, 2005

Has Anyone Seen My Husband?

I'm getting scared. There's a man in my house who looks like my husband, walks like my husband, snores like my husband, and eats like my husband; but he's not acting like my husband, at least not about Christmas. For 21 years now, I've been the one with the Christmas spirit, who loved decorating, having a Christmas tree, playing Christmas music, making Christmas traditions, giving gifts to everyone around. He would be perfectly happy putting up the tree on Christmas Eve and taking it down the day after Christmas. He doesn't care if he gets any gifts (he is a generous giver to the kids and me, though), and he rarely even considers giving to other people. He doesn't like Christmas parties. I had begun to think I'd married the original Scrooge; I even gaily called him Scroogey throughout each holiday season. He tolerates Christmas, holds it at arm's length. Until now.

The man who is here this year has bought gifts for other people. He is cheerful, seemingly anticipating Christmas. He has told the children to make Christmas lists. He is joining me in planning a Christmas Open House for our church family. He didn't protest when the kids and I mentioned getting a Christmas tree a week earlier than we usually do. He is making plans for a special Christmas service on Christmas Day. Who is this man? Has someone stolen my husband and replaced him with someone new? I'm getting scared.

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  1. That's hilarious!! Maybe this is his version of a mid-life crisis. :) Or maybe he thinks this is good for your church family. I can't remember when exactly y'all arrived in Canada...if you were there last Christmas or not. So if this happens to be your first Christmas in Canada, perhaps he's making it special and is being a good example and encouragement for families in your fellowship.

    Who knows? But I'd gladly except the change. :)


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