Sunday, November 20, 2005

All Packed Up

We're all packed and ready to go, and I'm not stressed out. This is Sunday, as you know, and we go to church twice on Sundays. Sunday is our busiest day of the week. I earlier this week that I made packing lists, and we just went from those, each person packing their own suitcase, and we didn't even pack till after church tonight. Because all the laundry was done (I did two final loads this afternoon, so they were ready to be packed tonight), all we had to do was choose what we were going to wear and pack it. Toiletries are ready, but we'll use them in the morning, so we won't pack them till tomorrow morning. My book bag is packed with 2 travel games, Phase 10, four books, my Bible, a notebook, and my FlyLady Holiday Control Journal. And the yarn to crochet a scarf, of course! Can you tell I don't want to get bored? LOL Other than travel time, I don't think I'll have much time to read or crochet though. I'll be too busy visiting with my family!

I'll get online as often as I can while we're gone, and I'll try to update my blog then. For those of you in the US, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Have a good week!


  1. Have fun and I will pray for safe travel..

  2. Have a wonderful trip! You've inspired me to be a better-prepared traveller!!!


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