Saturday, November 05, 2005

All My Chickens Are Back in the Roost

Our boys are home, safe and sound. They had a great time! Now I can feel like we're complete again. How do you ever get used to not having them home once they're grown up? It just seems like there's an empty spot when they're not here. Anyway, I'm thankful that they're home and that they enjoyed the conference. One of the highlights of the trip: buying light sabres at Wal-Mart. Boys.


  1. I remember when the oldest in my family went away the first time. It was so weird--still four kids left, but the house was SO QUIET. It was a changing time for me too-taught me to cherish every moment, because it's not coming back.

  2. Yes, sometimes I still set a table for 6 instead of 5! I just want it to go back to being 6 so badly! But...come my son's wedding day next year, I guess I'll be setting a table for 7 occasionally--but, of course, it's surely not the same.

  3. LOL @ the light sabers! For my brother, the highlights of any trip he makes has something to do with food. LOL He's nearly 16, and he's still that way. Any trip he makes, he remembers it by the food he ate along the way. :)

  4. That is something I think about now that my son is 16! Lord help me! Not looking forward to him going off to college!!


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