Monday, October 10, 2005

What a Weekend We Had!

I told you about Saturday's tract distribution downtown. Sunday morning was slightly hair-raising as we prepared for our potluck dinner after church. I had made most of our food on Saturday night, so all that was left was making some iced tea and getting everything packed in the car to take to the rec centre where we meet for church. That doesn't sound so bad, till you realize that we also cart a full-size electronic keyboard, a sound system, hymnbooks, toys for the nursery, and various Sunday school items every Sunday morning. Now add in three shopping bins filled with food and decorations, a coffeemaker, electric teakettle, and two crockpots loaded with hot food - all of which you have made lists for and proudly indicate to your husband how you have packed SO efficiently. Said husband is seeing only NO SPACE in the van, not how well you have packed your supplies, and tells you that something has to stay here. Have that husband dash upstairs to finish dressing while you sit downstairs on the couch and decide that potlucks at the rec centre just might not be the best idea - we can have them at the house from now on! Add a few tears (which husband does not understand, as they do not help the situation nor solve any problems, but which tremendously help the wife blow off some steam! LOL).

Husband does a superb job of packing the van so that nothing - and no one - falls out on the way to church. Nothing had to stay home after all. Arrive at the rec centre to decorate the tables and arrange the food and set up the Sunday school class within 30 minutes. Talk pleasantly with church families as they arrive. Tell children they MUST go in the church service for the singing, much as they would love to stay in the Sunday school/nursery/banquet room unsupervised while the adults sing. Play the piano for the singing, then teach the Sunday school class, then back to the service to play for the invitation, then dash back down to the other room to make final preparations for the dinner. Stop by the washroom while you have the chance. Eat. Chit chat with everyone. Clean up, making sure the room is in better shape than we found it - much help for this part, praise the Lord! Load everything back in the van and drive home. Unload everything (no evening service, as the rec centre closes early on this holiday eve), then instruct older son to wash crockpots and put away clean dishes from potluck. Turn on the computer? No way!

This is the best part: go upstairs, change into your nightgown, grab a fleece blanket from the hall closet, lie down on the bed and SLEEP for 3 hours! It was glorious!!!!

I don't know how long it's been since I've had such an exhausting weekend. All the way through it I was thinking, "I can't do this! I'm going crazy!" But I made it through and lived to tell about it!


  1. awww! What a day! Glad you lived to tell about it!

  2. What a day! Thanks for telling us how hectic it can get "up north." LOL (I can identify with so much of what you wrote!)

    Next time put a request in early to have it at home. :) We've had many church potlucks here with as many as 50 people sitting in our living room, spread out into the kitchen nook, out on the front porch, childen playing in the yard, etc. It was always a fun down-home time....of course there's always the extra cleaning when everyone leaves because this is where we have to live!

    But we have great memories from those home church days. :)

  3. What a day! I'm sure your people appreciated it!

  4. Deb, I've already suggested that doing it here at the house might be easier, since we have to take so much of "the house" with us to do it at the rec centre. Wes said ok at the time I suggested it, but we'll see. We're beginning to plan a Christmas open house as something for us to do for our people, which would be at our house anyway, and at Easter we had a potluck at the home of one of our families. We're still in the learning stages of this pastoring thing - I guess we'll always be learning!

  5. Wow I am tired reading this! Susan! I am glad it worked out but I think you need a day off and a foot massage! LOL


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