Monday, October 17, 2005

We Rode Up to the Mountains Today

Wes is organizing a men's retreat for next March at a Mennonite camp about 2 hours from here, up in the mountains east of Vancouver. We drove up there today (in the pouring rain, so not much scenery) to look at the camp and meet the lady who is in charge of reservations. They have a great setup there, and I think it will be a good men's retreat. It was a nice morning for us, riding up and back, and we took lunch with us to eat on the way back. I was SO sleepy riding up there (I can't seem to ride for any length of time anymore without going to sleep!), and it's chilly today, so we got a coffee when we started back home. About halfway through my cup, I turned to Wes and said, "I'm feelin' perky now!" And I still feel "perky" - if you can call a serious caffeine buzz perky! Ugh! When will I learn?

We stopped at Sears on the way home to pick up our dryer. Wes and Samuel had the hold one out and the new one installed in no time. So I guess that means I have to get some laundry done?

We have a luncheon tomorrow with a church-planting missionary who has helped several churches get started in this area. Wes wants to "pick his brain" (his words) for our upcoming first anniversary. I thought it was going to be us and several other couples, but I found out today that it's just us and the other missionary couple. I've never met either the man or his wife, so now I'm nervous - but looking forward to eating lunch out! LOL

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