Thursday, October 27, 2005

Some People!

As I was grocery shopping today, I had the nerve to stop and pick something from the shelf that I was going to buy. It was a narrow aisle, and there were some boxes beside me, which I didn't notice at the moment. Just as I stopped, I heard a man behind me say in a hate-filled voice, "Crrreeeppp!" As he squeezed past me, he turned and looked me right in the eye with the meanest look I've seen in quite a while! He was angry with me for stopping to look at something! After that hateful look, I just said, "Excuse me?", but he just kept walking away at that point. How rude! I wondered if today might be "don't stop to pick up anything in the grocery store" day. Did I miss something? Was I just supposed to walk through the store and just pick things up, tossing them in my cart on the way by? Somebody tell me next time!


  1. Your blog is excelent...
    Greetings from Argentina!!!

  2. Oh, that's scary.

    This time of year (Halloween) it seems like there are creepy people all over the place. I think they crawl out of their rocks at this time of year! LOL

  3. That is awful..I think around Halloween it brings out the meaness in people for some reason..Im sorry that had happen to you...


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