Saturday, October 01, 2005

Reading All Those Blogs

I'm pretty new to blogging and reading others' blogs, and I found it to be a fascinating new world. I'd sit and read blogs, following link after link to new blogs which would thrill me more. I had no idea that so many good things were out there! The problem was that I was spending more and more time reading blogs, and less and less time doing what I needed to be doing away from the computer. My first solution was to limit the number of blogs I bookmarked, and weed through them every now and then. But then I still had to go to each blog in my Favorites to see if anything new had been written - still so much time! One day I was reading a blog and I scrolled down far enough to see a button that said Bloglines. I clicked on that button and discovered . . . subscriptions! You can go to one place and read all the blogs you love at one time. It only shows you which ones have new posts to read, so you're not spending 15 minutes clicking around to see what's new. You can even subscribe to news feeds (which I did - Fox News). So now I'm a happy camper; I can still read my blogs at my leisure, but not have to go to all of them to see if there's even anything new to read. I love it, and I shared it with a friend and she loves it too!

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