Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Planning the New Year

Yes! We're planning for the new year already! I guess those who are pastors and their wives always begin planning for the new year pretty early, but this is our first "new year" as a pastor (he's the pastor and we're not co-pastors! LOL), so we're kind of looking at this whole year before us and seeing that we need to make plans for our church activities.

The first thing that comes to mind is our church's first anniversary in February. We began our church the first Sunday in February, which is now less than 4 months away. When we started, we ordered and distributed, by hand, 12,000 copies of John and Romans, printed by Bearing Precious Seed Canada, a ministry of Bible Baptist Church of Saint Thomas, Ontario. Twelve thousand sounds like a lot, until you learn that there are 18,000 apartment units that we couldn't even touch because they have limited-access entries. So our plan for our first anniversary is to order another 18,000 John and Romans and have them mailed into these apartments! We're hoping that our sending pastor can be here that Sunday to preach for us, and we want to make it a special day for our people. I'm getting excited already, just thinking about it! I can hardly believe that almost a whole year has passed already!


  1. Wow! That is exciting!

    St. Thomas is right near my city... in fact my husband works there (for the moment anyway) and my parents live there! They moved there last January, but they have their house up sor sale right now.

    Neat coincidence!

  2. Anonymous7:00 AM

    That is wonderful - but it makes me sad that it is only John and Romans! Romans was written to men and women who were already Christians - there has to be a LOT of background knowledge of the Jewish people and their way of life for one to glean all they can from Romans. If anything - why not John and Acts? They were written by the same author, are both written in chronological order, and if anything, Acts is chock full of conversion stories and would definitely show someone the way to Christ. The apostle Paul's story alone is in Acts 3x! It just always worries me when someone shares part of the Bible and not all of it - but I know that your intentions are good! But remember - Romans was written to Christians - it was never meant for non-Christians (of course they can learn from it, just saying that it is full of messages to people who have already become Christians, not those seeking the truth).


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