Friday, October 21, 2005

Pausing to Take a Breath

When I said this week would be busy, I had no idea just how busy! Here's a run-down of this week:

Monday - day trip to tour a camp that Wes is considering for a men's retreat next spring.
Tuesday - both boys end up helping a friend with an all-day job; Wes, Beth and I have lunch with a church planter and his wife; I speak to our home church's Ladies' Fellowship that evening
Wednesday - one boy continues to help friend in need; Wes has business meeting with the men in our church that night
Thursday - our church service was moved from Wednesday night to tonight to go and help the Urban Community Baptist Church with their beginning week of services; we prepare finger foods to take to this meeting during the day
Friday - missions luncheon at Greater Vancouver Baptist Church for the missionaries in this area that they support (wonderful fellowship with our fellow-laborers in this area!); attending their missions conference tonight.

I'm just waiting for Monday to get here! It will be a new week, with the same duties, but hopefully not much extra going on. Just regular old work will be restful and relaxing! LOL

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