Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm Going to Give it a Try

I hate exercise videos. I'd much rather be outside walking than inside jumping around about to die. But it rains here almost every day in the fall and winter, so if I want to exercise, I'm going to have to do something inside. This place is full of recreation centres, but the ones here in North Vancouver cost several hundred dollars per year per person to join, so that's out. So are exercise places like Curves - too much money to join. So that leaves either walking in the rain or using an exercise video in the house. Several of my online friends use Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone and love it, so I decided to give it a try. The library had one, so I requested it. It came in today, so I walked down to the library to get it (it was beautiful today, just a few clouds and a little briskness in the air - go figure!). I'm going to look it over tonight and then drag myself out of bed a little bit earlier in the morning. So if you hear grunting and groaning from the southwest coast of Canada tomorrow morning, that's me. Trying out my exercise video. Did I mention I hate exercise videos?


  1. I think you will like it. Which one did you get???????????

  2. I got the one mile - the easiest!

  3. Hey Susan..I am starting back up and doing the 1 mile. Do you have the one where they have the weighted balls? And they are wearing blue? If so we are walking the same one!

  4. Susan, yes, I would enjoy hearing your review of the video--specifically the music part of it. That's my drawback with exercise programs at Curves or places like that or with videos that include peppy secular music. So it would be interesing to hear your thoughts on the Sansone one; it is unfamiliar to me. Thanks!


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