Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I Just Had a Neat Experience

A couple of months ago, one of my friends from back in Texas called and asked if I'd speak at our home church's Ladies' Fellowship meeting in October. I was thrilled to be asked, but there was one tiny problem . . . I wasn't planning on being in Texas in October! She proceeded to tell me the plan. They would hook up with me on Yahoo IM with our webcam, and I would speak to the ladies over the internet!

So that is what we did tonight. We connected over the phone for the sound, so that it could be routed into the speakers in the auditorium, and each side of the link had a webcam so we could see each other. The ladies knew they were having a guest speaker, but they didn't know who. It was so much fun to see them coming into the auditorium and recognizing that it was me. I cried as they came in! Isn't it amazing how much you miss people, and then when you see them, you really realize it?! So I cried, then spoke to them for a few minutes, then I said hello to my pastor's wife and started crying again! LOL Afterwards, several of the ladies came to the phone to talk to me, and it was a blessing to speak to old friends. I'm so glad I had this opportunity - it was great fun!


  1. That must have been so good to see all the ladies! I would be crying too!

  2. My previous church did that (except the webcam) with a missionary lady from Yap, Micronesia. It was for Mother's day and she was getting Mother of the Year for the Church.


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