Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fitness from Bob Jones

I just happened to think of an exercise video I had about 20 years ago by Bob Jones University. It used classical music for the background music, and Linda Haught, the fitness instructor, was dressed in a loose-fitting exercise shirt and pants, like warm-ups. I went and looked at BJU Press, and they have a collection of aerobic exercise videos and DVD's, featuring the same instructor. I don't know if the music is still classical, but knowing the standard of music at BJU, I'm sure it's not rock. The prices are reasonable too.


  1. Susan, I can assure you that the music is still the same. I have done all of them, I do believe, unless she has come out with a new one since the last one I did. Actually, I have participated in class that she conducts. She uses the music and she shouts out the moves as we all would do them together. My favorite one (Full Circuit III) is not listed on that site.

  2. Oh, thanks for the first-hand recommendation! Are these low-impact workouts, or do we have to be pretty active already to be able to do them? The one I had before was low-impact. I don't know what happened to that video - I must have borrowed it from someone.

  3. I believe if I recall correctly that even if someone is not active you should be fine. Most of the videos come with division places in the workout which are beginner, intermediate, and advance. You go up to what level you are at and then fast foward to the cooldown. Once you can do, let's say, beginner section a few times without tiring out then it would be fine to go ahead and continue on to intermediate. Also, you don't want to do the same tape every single day. Make sure though that you always warm-up and cool-down. Not that you didn't know that in the first place. This is just second nature to me - Physical Education/Health, Fitness, and Recreation major here talking.

  4. I want these videos. :) But actually, I want them in DVD format. They have the little kids one as a DVD--why can't they make the others as DVDs too? :)

    When I was a teenager, we had one of the videos, and it was good!

  5. Here is a link to the BJU Campus Store. They have other of Linda Haught's exercise videos

  6. I checked out the campus store site; thanks for the link.

    The Full Circuit lll sounded like it would be enjoyable being a celtic tune.

    I don't really enjoy all the stretching and aerobic type of "real" exercising (even though I know I should do it), but I like the idea of a real walking routine.

    Susan, is the Sansone one you're doing mostly all walking? And Corene, is the Full Circuit one walking, too, or more than just that? There was a picture on the front cover of a lady walking. Thanks!

  7. Full Circuit III is a lot of fun, I think. Linda Haught went on like a tour of, I believe, Scotland or some land over there. This tape is mostly an "in your samll 2 by 2 foot area" just like all the other tapes. But there are some place were you move in a circle, square, or in a straight line back and forth. You can do this tape and all the other of her tapes in the living room. When she has you move farther than you boundries allow you then just step in place until it is time to move in a different dirrection. The tapes even though they are "for adults", children can follow along too. I started them when I was about 8 or 9 years old. My younger syblings were, ummm, younger than that when they started. Unfortunatly I have backed off doing them the last 8 or so years.
    Ok, I know that was more than what you asked for. Sorry.

  8. Deb, the Sansone video is predominantly walking in place, with short periods of small kicks, knee lifts, and side steps. You're standing in the same place through the whole video. She adds some arm motions too, but she says you can adapt them or just keep walking if you feel you can't do them. I can do them - just not in time with my steps! LOL

  9. Thanks so much Corene and Susan. I had one of the Linda Haught videos on my wish list many, many years ago after I went to one of her homeschooling workshops on fitness. But I never got the video. Anyway, your post and resulting comments got me to thinking about it again. Thanks!


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