Friday, October 14, 2005

Fellow Church Planters in WA

We have close friends from our home church who are in Bellevue, WA, a suburb of Seattle, planting a church. We've known Bro. James Stone for 15 years now, and we know him to be a hard-working, godly man. His wife Sim has been a dear friend to me since they married in 1991, and we've watched their family grow along with ours over the years. The church they've begun in Bellevue is their second church plant; their first was in Tacoma, which now has called its own pastor and is still thriving. Bellevue Baptist Church had its first anniversary/charter/organization service on September 25th, with our home pastor preaching that morning. Our family was at this church's first service last year, and the Stones came and helped us with our church's get-acquainted meetings back in April. It's so nice to live "close" to friends from back home - 150 miles is close, right?! We at least get to see them a few times a year! I hope you'll go by and take a look at their website and leave an encouraging word for the Stone family.


  1. Hey, 150 miles is close. When you think in terms of things like this... We would have to travel every six monthes from south of Mexico City to the Texas boarder of McAllan. Milage from Mexico City to Huston is about 2000 miles. McAllan is about 6-7 hours from Huston. Anyway what I was trying to say is that we had friends who lived about 4 hours Mexico side of McAllan. I don't know exactly how many miles that would be from where we started but us kids loved the trip because 12 hours from the starting point we got to see our friends and I am sure it was more than 150 miles

  2. Corene, I know exactly what you mean! My parents were missionaries in Mexico for about 8 years, and my sister and her husband are there too (Aguascalientes - and they're on furlough this year). So they would come out every 6 months to the border, around the McAllen area. The trouble was, we were in Ft. Worth, about 12 hours away, so we rarely got to see any of them. Now WE are the ones far away, in Canada. The rest of our family is in NC, SC, and Jamaica (hubby's parents).


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