Sunday, October 30, 2005

Dawn Anna

If you haven't seen the movie Dawn Anna, you really should see it! It's a TV movie for Lifetime. It was on our regular channel today, and since the kids were watching it, I sat down with them. I can't give away what it's about, other than a strong mother and her family, but it's a totally clean movie to watch. Not one bit of profanity or intimate physical scenes. If you're a crier, you'll do plenty of it. It's inspirational in the sense that a person can overcome the obstacles that come her way (I know we can with the Lord's help, but this is a secular movie). It is refreshing in that it portrays a family that loves each other and is making producing decent kids. Not smart-alecks. The mother is not just her kids' "best friend" - she's their parent. When tragedy strikes, they all band together. This wasn't the everyday bratty-kids trashy movie. I loved it.


  1. I just added it to my Netflix list! Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. Thanks, Susan, I'll see if our library carries it. It's always great to get a decent recommendation.


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