Friday, October 07, 2005

Coming Attractions - For Our Family, Anyway!

October and November are going to be so exciting for our family! Tomorrow our family is going to help with handing out tracts in downtown Vancouver. The very first independent Baptist church ever will be starting in the West End of Vancouver next Sunday, the 16th. Our church is helping with tract distribution tomorrow morning, then with their opening week of services on the 20th.

This Sunday we'll have a potluck after the morning service in celebration of Thanksgiving, which is Monday here in Canada (so hard to get used to!). We wanted to do the typical Thanksgiving foods, but so many of our folks are Filipino that we weren't sure that they would know the traditional foods or even enjoy them. So we're having everyone bring their favorite dishes - that always promises some good food!

Our boys are going to Portland, OR the first weekend of November for a youth conference. They're very excited - they went last year and enjoyed it tremendously! All year long we've heard "in Portland" or "when we went to Portland" or "X days till Portland!" So we're all glad it's finally here!

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