Sunday, October 16, 2005

Another Busy Week Ahead

I know I sound like a broken record! LOL We were talking this morning, running down all the activities this week, and there is something going on every single day this week. I haven't kept as tight a rein on the laundry this past week, and Wes has kinda noticed (funny how husbands notice when they have to ask you to iron a shirt for church!), and he reminded me of how busy we'll be this week. So I see that as my cue to work hard this week and keep myself in line on this computer. That means I'll be in and out, not posting or surfing quite as much as usual. But when something just hits me, I'll just have to blog it, you know?!

It looks like my kids will be staying at my sister's house when we visit SC in November. She and her husband are missionaries to Mexico on furlough this year. For the past few months, they've lived in a motorhome, to make it easier to get from place to place without so much work for her in packing and such for each trip (believe me, I know how it is to pack for a trip every weekend when you're traveling for a ministry!). Their meetings for the fall are a little closer to home, though, and they'll be heading back to Mexico after the first of the year, so they're renting a house for the last few months of furlough (did I mention they have 7 children?!). SO . . . she offered to let our kids stay with her while we're in town. I know my kids are thrilled to spend a few days with their cousins whom they hardly ever see - in fact, we've never met our two newest additions to the family, my sister's baby girl (almost 2) and my brother's baby boy (almost 1). Can anybody guess which two little people Aunt Susan is anxious to see?

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