Saturday, September 03, 2005

Your Average Canadian and Katrina Relief

My husband and I listen to the local news radio station every day. Almost every day the station conducts a listener poll about whatever is going on in the news, and yesterday's poll question was, "Are you planning on donating to help the victims of Katrina?" The percentage of those who will not donate or who are undecided is 71% this morning. There's a phone line to leave comments on the poll, and the reason most listeners are not going to donate is because they don't like the politics of the US. They don't like President Bush's policies. They hate the war. As an American living in Canada, it hurts just a bit that so many people will ignore my homeland when it's in need, simply because their political beliefs differ with the President's.

I lived in the US for 39 years. The nation has its flaws, plenty of glaring ones. I'm not proud of everything in America. I don't agree with everything George Bush says and does. But when people lose everything they have, it's time to step up and help out a bit, no matter how you feel about their politics. This is not an American/Canadian thing; it's about human beings. One listener summed it up yesterday: This is a natural disaster, not a government disaster. George Bush didn't send that hurricane to the Gulf Coast.

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