Monday, September 12, 2005

The Trail of Blood

I mentioned in the previous post that I have 3 books going right now other than the one on diabetes. Only two of the others are listed in my reading list in the sidebar, mainly because I have been too lazy to add the third one to the list! But I want to mention it, because I believe it has some important thoughts for this day, although it was written decades ago.

The book is a small one called The Trail of Blood, by Dr. J.M. Carroll. I remember seeing it as a little girl right after my dad got saved, and it's a familiar book to me, but I have never read the whole thing through. It's a history of the true line of Baptists from the time of Christ to the present age. Baptists have been called by other names down through the years, but there has always been a line of of churches that did not vary from the original teachings in the New Testament concerning the operation and purpose of the church. What sparked my interest in this book recently was a conversation I had with a very devout Catholic lady who informed me that I needed to read my history and see that I am a mere product of the Reformation, and that the Catholic church is the only true and holy church. I was stunned by her vehemence toward me and my friend, who was saved out of the Catholic church, and since I'm naturally a non-confrontational person, I didn't try to refute this lady's words. But the more I thought about this conversation, the more I realized that my knowledge of Baptist history is far different from hers and that I could have backed up my knowledge if I'd just been prepared. So I decided to read The Trail of Blood to re-familiarize myself with Baptist history, which includes the Catholic church, by the way, just not in the same way this lady thinks it does.

There are quite a few sites that have this book online, so I chose the one that has the chart included that is in the book. It's valuable in understanding the text of the book. I didn't take the time to peruse the entire website, so I can't give a blanket endorsement of the site, only of this page containing the text of the book. If you're a Baptist and have never read much about the history of the Baptist church, I encourage you to read this. It will totally change your concept of the typical view of "church history!"

I feel that I must add that I do not believe you must be a Baptist in order to be saved, nor do I believe that all Baptist churches are right and/or what they ought to be. I am an independent Baptist, which means our church is not a part of any convention or association (although we as church planters are accountable to our sending church). This is a book recommendation, plain and simple!


  1. Susan that is a GREAT book..and not too big LOL! I have several and I used to keep it in my purse. I have a lot going on with my kids with right now we are talking about roman history. But this would be a great little book to read along side it.

  2. I know my husband has that book somewhere. I'll have to dig it up and read it. I do not know my Baptist history very well! Thank you for the good reminder!

  3. Susan, I think it so important to teach Baptist history right along with all other history from the time of the early church and on! History is written by the people in power, and every textbook history has protestand and catholic history. I was really confused about it till my dad used the Trail of Blood and a few other books in a Sunday School program.


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