Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday Night Reflections

Today was just a normal Sunday, nothing exciting happened, but nothing bad happened either. Most of life is like that, praise the Lord! I've had my share of exciting days and bad days, but I'm blessed to say that most of my days are just normal.

We've had some aches and pains over the weekend. Friday night, Wes woke me up saying, "I don't want to scare you . . ." which scared me! LOL He was having a really bad charlie horse in his calf. He hasn't had one of those since he played soccer in high school. I tried to massage it, but when I touched it, it hurt too bad. It eased up enough for him to sleep, but it bothered him all day yesterday.

Sometime yesterday afternoon, I developed an ache between my shoulder blades that radiated up my neck and gave me a headache. I didn't handle it very well. Every move I made hurt (I really must be getting old after all), and by bedtime I just wanted to lie down and die. I did doze off pretty quick, then about midnight I woke up with what I call a deep itch in my foot. It hits suddenly, and it itches so bad my foot will twitch. The itch is deep down inside, where normal scratching doesn't help. When I have these, I frantically scratch and rub my foot on anything that will scratch it. The itch comes in waves; it will wear off and then come back in a sudden stab. So I'm clawing at my foot and rubbing it on the edge of the mattress trying to scratch my foot, thinking that Wes sure is sleeping soundly, because he never stopped snoring. This morning at breakfast, I said, "I had one of those itches last night." And Wes said, "I KNOW!!!" He said it was hard not to notice when the whole bed was shaking because I was thrashing around trying to get my foot to quit itching! So . . . I guess he did notice after all. Anyway, because of my frantic scratching, I tensed up again, and my shoulders are still hurting. Maybe I can relax tonight.

Our usual group of people were at church today and tonight. We praise the Lord for our core group of folks who come every week! We had one visitor as a result of our ad in the paper. My Sunday school class has memorized the books of the Old Testament. I think I'll spend one more week reinforcing the OT books before I start on the New Testament. Because we have the nursery in the same room as Sunday school, the ladies who come in to take care of the little ones get to hear the Sunday school lessons too. Every week they say how much they enjoy hearing the lessons and singing the kids' songs. I try to teach lessons with the goal of helping the kids apply them to everyday life, and I put simple doctrine in too. Apparently this is not the norm, because the ladies say they've never heard Sunday school lessons done this way. They're learning too! That's a real encouragement to me, plus it's teaching future teachers to give their students more than fluff in Sunday school. We've had several parents tell us that their kids are really learning stuff in Sunday school, and that seems to surprise them. The only conclusion I can make is that many Sunday school classes must be merely baby sitting while the parents are in church. I've taught Sunday school in fundamental Baptist churches for 15 years. My pastors have taught me to teach the children real lessons from the Bible (not just Bible stories), as well as make it exciting for the kids with games and songs, and sometimes crafts. So we learn Bible verses, the books of the Bible, songs that teach (like Work on Your Attitudes), and have a lesson that always contains the Gospel and a practical application to everyday life (such as God always keeps His Word). There's no excuse for a church to neglect teaching even the smallest children from God's Word!


  1. I don't know what Sunday school teachers are teaching their kids, but having worked with teens for the past three years, I've come to realize that they don't learn much! The teens who know the least are usually the ones who have been in church all their lives! I taught a girls Sunday school lesson sevearl months ago, and mentioned Hannah as a godly lady, and the girls asked me who she was. HANNAH! One of the stories that I heard over and over in my Sunday school years! I couldn't believe it!

  2. Susan!
    You blogged! :) Yay! :) Very good. I love hearing about your "normal" days!


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