Thursday, September 08, 2005

Slowing Down for a Minute

To catch up a little! I've tried to stay off the computer so much these days. While I haven't gotten down to the small amount of time that Candy recommends, I've certainly spent less time online and more time working around the house and preparing lessons and such as that. I find myself more aware of what's going on around me when I stop and live in the real world!

We started our Patch the Pirate Club last night! It was so much fun! Andrew is my Co-Captain, and I think he has more fun than the kids do. We had 5 children last night, one of which was a visitor. I think we've had a good start, and all the kids seem excited. I think the parents will be the most excited when we have our first performance in 4 weeks!

Beth and I ended up at the doctor's office today. Not an emergency, though. I've had a wart that I've been messing with for well over a year. When I had my checkup back in July, the doctor put some super-duper wart medicine on it that was supposed to freeze the wart and make it fall off. It didn't even faze it. Then Beth kept getting this rash on one of her fingers that would get so bad that her hand would crack and bleed, then it would dry up and look like it was getting well before it started all over again. This has been going on for a few months, long enough for me to try every home remedy I could think of, to no avail. So we both went to have our fingers examined (better than our heads!). The doctor says Beth has eczema and gave her a full-strength cortizone cream to use for a couple of weeks. He put an even superer super-duper wart medicine on my thumb, and said maybe this one will work. We'll both go back in 2-3 weeks to see how we're doing.

School started yesterday with everyone fresh and ready for a new year. Both yesterday and today everyone was done by 11:00. As they don't have any projects assigned yet, we allow them to stop when they finish their day's assignments this week. I was looking at Beth's work today, though, and she'll get a project tomorrow, a report in Language on meanings of names. When they have projects, we have them work on those if they finish their daily work by noon. Samuel is loving Consumer Math - after his struggles with Algebra, this is a piece of cake! He'll run into some tougher stuff as he gets into the year, but for right now it's nice to see him enjoying math.

We have a trip to SC planned for U.S. Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving is October 10th). My sister and her husband, who are missionaries in Mexico, are home on furlough this year, and my parents have just moved back to SC from Mexico too. My youngest brother still lives nearby, so everybody's there this year for the holidays - and we'll be there for Thanksgiving! I'm getting excited now; our plans are coming together. All of our family members live in NC/SC, so we'll see everyone except Wes's parents, who live in Jamaica. I may also get to see my best girlfriend, who lives in GA. Her dh told mine that they may try to come up and see us while we're in NC. When we go to NC, we usually stay at her brother's church that has a mission house. So a very eventful trip for us this fall. I can count on one hand the times we've been with all of our brothers/sisters/parents, on either side of the family, for a holiday. My dad is thrilled that all of the grandchildren will be with them, 13 altogether, from ages 16 down to 11 months, and all that are old enough to know the Lord have been saved. God has blessed us with a big family and with hearts to serve Him.

That's all for now. Time to wrap it up and go do something else for a while!


  1. That sounds like a WONDERFUL trip!! You better let me know where to come in NC and SC for that matter and maybe we could met in the middle for lunch!! My mom will be here the 21 of Nov - 2 of Dec!! Now that would be a fun, mom and YOU!! WOOHOO!!! I'm just dreaming I guess...Sounds like LOTS of fun though!!

  2. How wonderful to have most of your family together for Thanksgiving! You must so excited!

  3. LOL @ "even superer super-duper wart medicine." =) I hope it works for you!

    Your family trip sounds so nice! We still don't have definite plans for Thanksgiving.

  4. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family at Thanksgiving! My mommma has a big family and it's hard to get everyone together anymore.


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