Monday, September 26, 2005

My Favorite Music

I mentioned Faith Music Missions the other day as being one of my favorite places for online music. There is one Christian radio station that we can receive here, and it's pretty much static as it's in Washington, and it doesn't play the kind of music or preaching that we enjoy. So we've built up a base of online stations that we enjoy listening to. We're very conservative in our music choices, and we're also from the South, so don't be surprised when you find what we like!

My favorites are:

Old Christian Radio
Faith Music Missions

Wes enjoys:

WBLW - Grace Broadcasting Network
Gospel 90.3 - Landmark Baptist Church
All Quartets Radio

We love to listen to these groups (this will be varied!):

The Cathedral Quartet
The Rochester Family
The John Marshall Family
The Inspirations
Majesty Music - anything by MM is excellent


  1. Thanks, Susan! I followed your link, and I'm listening to Old Fashioned Christian music right now! It's beautiful!

  2. The Rochesters are wonderful! I just love them. We live about 30 minutes from their home church. In fact - my husband grew up with Ben. Small world, huh?

    If you haven't gotten Ben's new cd, do. It's totally instrumental - and Ben plays every bit of it himself. It's probably one of the most-played cd's here at my house.

    Nice choice of music, by the way! :O)

  3. Melody, my family has known the Rochester's for quite a while now, too - it is a small world! I grew up in Greenville, SC, when the Rochesters' older kids were with them, at Tabernacle Baptist in Greenville. Brady has worked a bit with my family with some music my mom, brother, and sister did, and he had a big impact on my brother's learning to play the guitar. They're an awesome family!

    They've been to our sending church in Texas, and we bought Ben's CD the last time they were there. I just told my kids the other day that Ben's CD is the one I love when I just want to relax!

  4. Hi Susan, I tried to comment right after lunch today when I first saw your post, but somehow blogger wouldn't let me in.

    Anyway, just to say...I LOVE your choices. It's not often when I find someone who has even heard of the Inspirations!! They have been my all-time favorite group since '65 or '66 when our pastor had them come to our church right after they first became a group. I was 13 or so at the time and those young guys were 15!!! And now they're grandparents!!! My, my that makes me feel old!!

    I even rode on their bus one time in Atlanta when I traveled with them to Hawaii. They gave us a concert on the airplane as we were flying!!! It was a great trip.

    I don't keep up with them so much now because I never hear where they're singing. But (thanks to you!) I just found their website and saw their schedule. (Speaking of...the John Marshall Family link is linked to their name on your post instead of their link.)

    The John Marshall Family was new to me...I checked out their website and downloaded the free title song of their new album. Very nice.

    And, of course, all gospel lovers know the Cathedrals! I'm not sure why I haven't heard of the Rochesters.

    Thanks for posting all the music links. Glad we like the same stuff :)

  5. Hi, Deb! I think you and I would have plenty to talk about if we ever met in person! LOL My husband teases that I can talk to a sign post, though, so that may not mean a lot.

    It's true that you don't often meet people who have heard of the Inspirations. Growing up in the south and in fundamental Baptist churches helped, I think. You have really been to Hawaii with them?!!!! Wow! Wes and I know one of the newer singers, Matt Dibler. He went to college at the church where I grew up in Greenville about the time Wes and I got married. I think Matt and Paulette married around the same time we did. So that makes it fun to go to the Inspirations' website every now and then to see what's up with Matt.

    The Rochesters are more of a bluegrass group. Some people feel they're too twangy - I like their CD's better than in person, myself - but we love their unique sound. Because our family is acquainted with them, we know that they live what they sing, so that helps too. If you go to their site and listen to the song "If You Only Knew", you will be so blessed! My brother and sister sang that song at our grandmother's funeral last year.

    I can't figure out what you meant about the Marshalls' link going to their name? I clicked on it and it went to their website. Maybe explain so my dense head can understand and I can fix whatever's wrong! Thanks!

  6. Hi explain: when my mouse runs over Marshall Family, it shows their link at the bottom of my screen and if I click on their name it goes to their site.

    If my mouse runs over Inspirations, it still says Marshall Family at bottom of screen and still goes to Marshall Family. So I had to type in Inspirations Quartet into Google and it came up to their link.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with your comment.."they live what they sing." I guess that's what draws me to anyone for me to like and appreciate them--I can trust them to "do right!" :)

    Thanks for commenting back. Oh, yes, I really, really did go with them to Hawaii...summer of '79, the year before I got was great. :)

  7. That time I understood, Deb! Sometimes you have to talk . . . real . . . slow for me to understand. The link is fixed now. Thanks for telling me about it!

  8. We have several of the Inspirations cd's and heard them in person for the first time last Nov. We don't have much of from Majesty though other than about all of the Patch the Pirate tapes. :) I like the "Shout'n Time in Heaven" song that the Cathedrals sing. :)


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