Saturday, September 24, 2005

I'm Excited!

We went out door-knocking again this morning, as we do every Saturday morning. Today it was just our family, so we sent the three kids together (only 2 at a door at a time though - we don't want people to think we're invading them!), and I got to go with Wes. We were getting the typical responses (no thanks, not interested, etc.) when we knocked on a door near the end of our time out. A young woman answered the door, and when Wes told her who we were and handed her a John/Romans booklet, she said, "This is just too weird!" She said she and her mom had been talking last night about going to church! Wes asked if she thought that was a coincidence, and she shook her head, still in amazement that "church people" had shown up at her door this morning. She said that she and her mom will probably come tomorrow morning. We sure hope she does; maybe the Lord is already dealing in her heart. Ya think?!

We handed out 94 John/Romans booklets today, each with a gospel tract inside. It's legal to put them in mailboxes and mailslots here, so it's easy to just leave it in a safe place if no one is home. We've learned not to put them through mail slots that have barking dogs behind them! LOL


  1. Susan, I've just prayed that the girl and her mom will go to your church tomorrow!

  2. Wow - that is so neat! I'll be praying that they go to your church tomorrow too. Just don't forget to let us know!

  3. Wes was just saying at supper that he hopes she and her mom come. He's preaching through I John on Sunday mornings, and tomorrow's sermon just "happens" to be more of a salvation message!

  4. Wow Susan, thats awesome! Keep us posted!


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