Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I read this on Crystal's blog tonight, who got it from Kim. Thanks to both of you for sharing these! I think I'll have to print them out and put them where I can see them. And I hope I used the proper blog crediting etiquette - I'm still feeling my way around!
Ten Tips for a wife to encourage her marriage

Courtesy of Beall Phillips, given at a recent bridal shower. Thanks to Kim for posting them.

1. Praise him privately, sincerely, for something different once a day.

2. Praise him publicly, in front of others, and to others.

3. Watch your words: Remember that what you say has a powerful influence over him.

4. Keep yourself attractive. Freshen up and look your best when he comes home, even if dinner burned and the dog messed on the carpet.

5. Write him notes, handwritten and e-mail, to remind him you are thinking of him.

6. Be the first to say I'm sorry, mean it, and don't make it conditional on anything.

7. Pick up after him cheerfully, without drawing attention to it, just because you love him.

8. Make him your focal point, not your housekeeping, not your cooking, not even your children. If your relationship with him is solid and happy, everything else will fall into place. Make him successful in every way you can, and remember, if he is successful, you will be too.

9. Remember the "bigness" of the diversity of your roles: sweetheart, confidant, counselor, best friend, encourager. Remember they all add up to: completer.

10. Pray for him continually and NEVER forget the burden of responsibility he carries as the head of your home.


  1. These are all great things to remember. How's your mom doing?

  2. Oh wow, those are excellent! Thank you for passing those on!

  3. WoW!!!!!! That is about all I can say!!!! I sure needed that!!! Thanks Susan!!! I think I'll print them also!!!!

  4. Mrs. HH, as far as I know, my mom is doing fine right now. Living so far away, it's hard to know everything that's going on! Thanks so much for asking about her; we all appreciate your prayers!


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