Saturday, September 17, 2005

I Get to Answer a Question!

I see other, more well-known bloggers answer questions that their readers leave, so I thought I'd do the same today - but only because a question was asked that I have an answer to! LOL

Deb asked:

Did you take your camera so you'll always have a memory of the place you went?

Yes, we did take pictures of the animals and some of the furniture inside the hotel. And Wes took a picture of the buggy the family used; he loves to take pictures of buggies! I have no idea why. Anyway, I was going to post a couple of pics last night when I posted my blog entry, but after three tries, all I could get was the dreaded "Red X". So I gave up. Seems maybe Blogger is having trouble with their picture feature. I've been to other Blogger blogs that have red x's recently.

I may try to post pics again today; I want you to see ol' Blossom, aka Bossie!


  1. Susan, cute, cute idea for a post!
    I'm glad you took pictures.

    Being a scrapbooker, I am always on the lookout for good pictures to produce a good scrapbook page.

    Here's a picture/post from back in July I took of a buggy up the road from us. (I don't know how to hyper-link it though. If it doesn't work, it was on July 25.)

    And since I've been inviting everybody and his brother to come visit, I'll extend the invitation to you, too! :) Your husband could get some great pics of buggies for sure.

  2. Oh, Deb, we'd love to come visit - except that we're all the way across the country and then north, in Vancouver, Canada! LOL

    Actually, I grew up in SC and my sister in law is from VA, so that part of the world is like home to me. I dearly love those Smokey Mountains! The pic on your blog page of the mist in the mountains is one that I love to look at. We have that misty, foggy thing here too, and I want to learn to photograph it because I think it's so pretty!

    I went and looked at your buggy pics and enjoyed them very much. I don't know what Wes's thing is for buggies and old cars.

    I am a budding scrapbooker. I don't seem to have the knack for creating pages that have that little zip, you know? But I do love to take pics and say, "That would make a GREAT scrapbook page!" LOL So I will have to see what I can do with the ones from the farm. I started a page about our visit to the Oklahoma City bombing memorial, and I think it will look ok. Wes has more ideas for it than I do!

  3. Susan, I was running into the red X too, when I tried posting a pic for my blog this a.m. It wouldn't work to just upload the picture from my computer, I had to do it from my photobucket account.

  4. Susan, four years ago I traveled to visit a friend of mine who lives close to Seattle in Port Orchard, WA. She invited me to come and attend a seminar with her, and my husband gave me the plane ticket for a Christmas present!

    She planned our itinerary to a T, and we made a surprise trip at the end of the week to VICTORIA, CANADA! She didn't tell me where we were going until we got to the ferry. I was thrilled!!

    I thought it was all a very pretty area! I told her my hostess gift to her was going to be a scrapbook of our travels (after I got back home). So I made duplicates for us...turned out to be TWO thick 12x12 scrapbooks--two for her and two for me!! I still enjoy going back through them and re-living our time in WA, OR, and CANADA!!

  5. Deb, I would love to see those scrapbooks - I bet they're gorgeous! We've been over to Victoria once since we moved here, and it's a beautiful city. I'm glad you got to come up and enjoy it!

  6. Tammy, I was able to make a pic work through Photobucket! Thanks for the heads up on that!

  7. OH I so want to see pics!


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