Monday, September 26, 2005

Honey, I Blew Up the Steak

Have you ever blown anything up in your microwave? I've been using a microwave for 17 years now, and until this afternoon I had never blown anything up. At lunchtime I was heating up a piece of leftover round steak to go in my salad. I just threw it in the microwave, without covering it up, and walked away. I always cover up things that will explode, like beans or butter, but I never thought steak would explode. After a few seconds I hear a loud POP. I walked over and opened the microwave, and there was beef everywhere! I couldn't believe it! There was a piece of fat on the outside edge of that steak, so I assume that's what blew up. I spent a few minutes after lunch cleaning beef off of every part of the inside of my microwave. Lesson learned: always cover anything that goes in the microwave!


  1. LOL!! ROFLOL!!!
    I too, have done that!

  2. Ha ha
    I have in the past managed to explode a peice of salmon. Lucky for me I had put a cover over it so the inside of the microwave was spared.
    I have a freind that some how managed to set his parents microwave on fire!

    oh well such is life!
    God bless

  3. LOL! Well..I know all about blowing up stuff in the microwave. Joshua (3) decided to make some food in the microwave a few months back. He came screaming to me that the microwave was on fire. IT was..and our microwave is horribly ugly..but we dont have the money to replace it so we continue to use it..Just dont look in at it ok? It still works fine. Just not clean looking anymore. At least the smoke smell is gone.

  4. My brother has blown up a hard boiled egg before in a hotel's microwave. :)


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