Friday, September 30, 2005

The Guys Had a Good Time

Well, the Rangers lost to the Mariners yesterday, but Samuel was thrilled to be there. It was our friend's son's first pro baseball game, so he was pretty excited too. We watched most of it here at home, then turned it to watch one of our favorite shows (a consumer report-type show called The Shopping Bags), which is 30 minutes long, and when we turned back to the game it was over! The last 3 innings went really fast. We saw the guys in the backgroun a lot - it was really neat to watch my guys on TV! LOL

Our friend who went with them used his binoculars to look all around the stadium, and he said it sure looked like Samuel was the lone Ranger fan there (pun intended!). They even played the 1812 Overture once, and Samuel claimed it was for him! The usher in that area, when he checked their tickets, asked Samuel what that T on his cap was for, and Samuel said, "You know what it is!" The guy said "Tennessee?" He really gave Samuel a hard time. The usher also showed Samuel a tentative schedule for next year's games, and it's very likely that the Mariners will be at The Ballpark in Arlington the week that we may be down there for Samuel's graduation. My, my, my . . . it never ends!


  1. Susan, I meant to put this comment up the other day when you first mentioned your guys going to the ballgame; but Blogger comments kept being disabled, and I forgot to come back and add it. Anyway, here's the comment:


    B-R-A-V-E-S !! :)

  2. Ack! Braves! LOL Actually, I'd rather have the Braves than the Yankees . . . Yankees is a bad word here! LOL


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