Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Good Preaching

One of my very favorite preachers is Dr. Ron Gearis, director of the Rock of Ages Prison Ministry. He preaches right down the line in the pulpit, not holding back for anything or anybody; but when he's out of the pulpit, he is one of the most kind, humble men I've ever met. He treats men with respect, and ladies like they are treasured friends.

Last week, Dr. Gearis was at our sending church in Texas for a week-long revival meeting. It's rare these days to have revival meetings for a full week, and it's rare for Dr. Gearis to preach in one. But our church so loves to have Dr. Gearis come that our pastor always schedules him for a full week. The sermons from last week are available online at our home church's website, Baptist Temple. You can find them in the Sermons link on the left of the home page, then click September, 2005. If you like old-fashioned, deep, meaty preaching, I promise you will love Dr. Gearis' preaching!

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