Thursday, September 29, 2005

Go Rangers!!!!

Wes and Samuel just left to go to Seattle for the Mariners vs. Rangers game. Samuel is a HUGE Rangers fan. When he first discovered baseball, when he was about 6 years old, he became a Rangers fan because we lived in north Texas, I think it was Abilene at that time. We taught him not to be a fair-weather fan; love your Rangers even when they lose. Otherwise he would never love the Rangers . . . he took our advice to heart. Now he is convinced that they are the greatest team in baseball, even though the stats say otherwise. Really, he knows they aren't the greatest, but he loves them anyway.

Anyway, at 16 years old, Samuel is one of the Rangers' die-hard fans. In Canada. Canadians don't understand why we Americans love baseball - there's no action! LOL Samuel watches every Rangers game he can, and when they're playing the Mariners, we can pick up all of the games on TV. So Samuel has been in Rangers heaven for the past week, while they were playing in Texas.

We've known all year that Texas would be at Seattle this week, so we had planned to make it a family outing. We have some friends in the Seattle area, so we called them up and asked if they'd like to go too. They said they'd love to, but they have a friend who can get tickets for them, so they said don't buy the tickets yet, and let's see what we can get. It ended up that the friend could only get 4 tickets, but they're good ones - 8 rows behind the Mariners' dugout! Those are expensive tickets, though, and neither family had the money to buy the extra tickets for us all to be able to sit together. So it was decided that Wes and Samuel and our friend and his son would go, and the rest of us would have to miss this time. We'll be watching the game, though. If you have a way to watch it, you will be able to pick out my Samuel easily - he'll be the only Rangers fan in a sea of Seattle fans, right behind the dugout! Game time is 3:30 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. Go, Rangers!!!


  1. My hubby grew up just a little ways from Seattle, so he'd be cheering the Mariners on. =) I hope they have a nice time at the game!

  2. Wow! YOu know here in Pt. Charlotte, we had some baseball team called the Rangers. They left us though! I've never been to a baseball game.

  3. You know what, Carolyn? Port Charlotte may be where the Rangers go for spring training. It sure sounds familiar!


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