Monday, September 26, 2005

Following Up With the Doctor

Today was the followup visit with the doctor for Beth and me. Her hand is fine, praise the Lord! My thumb is another story, though. I've had this wart (or at least I think it's a wart) on my thumb for about a year and a half. It's been sore for most of that time, but I learned to compensate for it and not really pay attention to it. But it just wouldn't go away. The doctor has treated it twice. The second time, it seemed to be drying up and going away, but yesterday and today a fresh, new, very tender "wart" has come up, which has happened before. The doctor seemed puzzled by it, and is sending me to a skin specialist. I'm just a tiny bit anxious about it. It doesn't look like a skin cancer - he even said it's not a cancer - but he said it doesn't have the typical characteristics of a wart, either. It was too late to get an appointment with the specialist for me today, so the doctor's office will call me tomorrow with my appointment. I worry, but when I stop to think "what if . . . ?" the Lord reminds me that He knows what it is, and He's in control, so I'll be ok!

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