Friday, September 16, 2005

City Girl on the Farm

Wes and I decided yesterday that we'd go on a picnic date today. I was thinking provincial park, quilt, woods . . . but he found a place online that's about 2 hours away, Kilby Store & Farm, that he thought I'd like. So he surprised me. About 10:15 this morning, he asked if we could be ready to leave in about 30 minutes. I told him I'd do my best, and by 11:00 we were on the road. He was right - I loved it! It's an old store, farm, and hotel that is 100 years old, and much of the original furnishings are still in the buildings. There's a cafe and gift shop (of course!), and lots of "friendly" farm animals. I had the most fun with the cows. The seemingly head cow was Blossom, with 2 calves. We could pick apples to feed them, and when Blossom came around, the other cow dropped her apple and let Blossom have it! LOL I think she should have been named Bossie! The pigs were funny too, rooting around in the mud till there was a nice cool hole to lie in (although it wasn't hot at all). The sheep and goats were quite vocal - don't know what they were so upset about. It's been years since I've been to a farm without children, where I could just have fun with the animals and not have to make sure everybody was having fun and looking at the animals and not getting lost or hurt . . . moms know what I'm talking about.

You may think a farm isn't much of a date! We love to go and do things together, and the cheaper, the better, you know? So we had a great time together without spending a lot of money. We took a picnic lunch of sandwiches, cheese, chips, carrots, nuts, cookies, and grapes . . . and ate it in the car because we didn't see any picnic tables, although they were there once we got inside the farm. Wes and I don't see a date as something that has to be expensive or the greatest thing we've ever done. We see it as a time to keep our relationship strong, to stay close to each other. I love my children more than any other people on earth, but someday (far more quickly than I'm ready for!) they are going to leave our nest and make their own lives, leaving Mom and Dad all alone. And when we find ourselves alone, we don't want to blink at each other like we're total strangers and have to get to know each other again. So we've tried to keep our relationship at the top of our priorities, and the Lord has blessed. We're still best friends after almost 21 years of marriage.


  1. That sounds like so much fun!

  2. Your picnic date sounds great! Did you take your camera so you'll always have a memory of the place you went?

    My husband and I have gone to Lowe's together soooo many times that we always tease that it's become our "date night out at Lowe's." :)

    Glad you had a fun, fun time! Wasn't it neat that your husband put creativity into coming up with a place 2 hrs away for y'all to go?! Thanks for sharing your day.


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