Saturday, September 03, 2005

Chatting With the Family

You know, it's always good to keep up with your extended family. Even when you get all rumpled up inside from talking to them! My mother died when I was 16, so I try to keep close tabs on her family (when I say 'close' I mean that I talk to one of her brothers once every couple of months or so), more so before my grandmother died last year, but still try to let them know that I care about them. I can pretty much keep up with my dad's side of the family through him, and I always called Grandma about once a month before she died, also last year. I lost both of my grandmothers last fall, within a few weeks of each other.

So anyway, someone called here last night when we were out. It was a lady, but the message got messed up and we don't know who it was. She did have a southern accent, so I thought maybe one of my aunts. So I called 2 of them today, one from each side of my family.

Along with all the how are you's and how is so-and-so's, I found out some good things. My mother's sister-in-law is almost 63, but she's going back to school to get her GED. She's retired, so it won't help her job situation, and her parents have both passed away, so it's not for them to be proud of her. She wants to do it so she can finally say she finished. And I think that's grand! I'm very proud of her for that. They also had a bountiful garden this year, so their freezer is full for the winter. She and my uncle are taking a trip, too - to California to visit my other uncle. All the way from SC to CA . . . in the cab of an 18-wheeler! LOL They have a trucker friend who delivers to my uncle's city, so they're catching a ride with him across the country. For a couple in their 60's, that's pretty good. I hope they have a blast!

On the other side of the family, I have a cousin stationed with the Navy in New Orleans. I knew he was in the Navy, but I had forgotten that he was stationed in New Orleans. It turns out that he was in CA for school, and his wife and 3 children had left last Friday and gone to SC to stay with his dad, my uncle. I was so glad to hear that she had taken the initiative and left when she had plenty of time, and glad to hear that they're all safe. They don't know the condition of their home or my cousin's big new truck, but they are safe. Praise the Lord!

Another cousin and her husband live on a houseboat in the Florida Keys. They've only had to evacuate once. They didn't evacuate for Katrina, because she was supposed to go north. She changed course, though, and went out into the Gulf, as we know. They went to bed that night thinking all was ok, and woke about 3 a.m. with the storm howling, but it was too late to move to a safer place. They came through fine, though, with no damage to their boat, even though their neigboring houseboats did have some damage. So I was glad to hear that they had escaped any harm there, too.

Neither of those aunts is the person who called last night, though! We still don't know who that was; maybe she'll call back.

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