Friday, September 02, 2005

Another Week Gone By

As I look back over this week, the thing that comes to mind is Hurricane Katrina. We've watched quite a bit of news coverage over the week. My husband gets the CBS live feed over the internet that was set up early in the week. I've been brokenhearted over the devastation, the lost lives, the lost homes, and now the senseless violence in New Orleans.

I sat at my desk and cried Tuesday night as I read that one of my friends' grandmother had passed away as a direct result of the storm. She was in a senior care facility in Bogalusa, LA, and that facility lost power. Four of those elderly folks died that night, including my friend's grandma. Her funeral was today, and my friend was unable to go. I still weep for her loss and for the fact that she was unable to be with her family during this time of deep grief. All of her extended family are without power indefinitely.

I was pleased to hear that Canada has offered support to the US, and is sending supply ships even now. As an American in Canada, it feels good to know that the Canadian government is willing to help, despite political differences.

Our family's prayers continue for the people of the Gulf Coast. We pray that God will comfort and protect those who survived, and that their needs will be met. We also pray for President Bush, the people of FEMA, and local officials to have wisdom in managing this huge job of caring for the people and rebuilding the Gulf Coast.

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