Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Where We Live

I think that our family lives in the most beautiful place in the world! I'm so pleased that the Lord called us to a place that is so pretty, and the mild weather doesn't hurt, either. Here is the Jericho Beach Webcam, which is based at Jericho Beach in Vancouver, but looks north toward the mountains of the North Shore. We call these "our" mountains, and you can see them from almost anywhere in the greater Vancouver area. The particular mountain that is "ours" is Grouse Mountain, and in the picture from Jericho Beach, it's on the far right, just above the pine trees you see there on the right. We live at the foot of Grouse Mountain. We've been having absolutely fantastic weather for the past two weeks or so, with our daytime temps averaging between 75 and 80 - not bad to this southern gal - and gorgeous sunny blue skies! It looks like this will continue for at least another week. We can't get too used to it, though, because fall weather (and the rain) will be here by mid-September.

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