Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday - Plus!

Today I'll show you a bit of our ministry through pics of our service this morning, in addition to my dress pics. I wish you could feel the excitement we have as we work here in Canada! We know we're where God wants us, and we're just thrilled with it. I'm so pleased to show you our folks today!

Andrew and I are ready for church:

Samuel begins his new job of songleader this morning, as I play the keyboard. This was our first Sunday with the keyboard. Setting it up and getting the sound system just right was a test of patience for Wes (and all of us), but our people were so excited to have the keyboard this morning!

Some of the people in our service this morning:

Teaching Sunday school in another room while Wes preaches. We meet in a rec centre. Because of that, I'm not allowed to decorate or leave anything on the walls. So I try to make my front table interesting with prizes and teaching materials, and use colorful visuals for the songs and lessons. My Sunday school room is the size of a double meeting room, so we set up the chairs in a small area and try to give it the feel of a classroom.

My Sunday afternoon lay-around-the-house clothes. This is the other skirt I mentioned on Thursday as one that is not good for much other than exercise or heavy work. It's SO comfortable though! I love it; it's just way faded and not too nice for wearing out anywhere. My footwear of choice on Sundays - flip flops!


  1. I really like this skirt. Is it denim or chambrey?

  2. Carolyn8:35 PM

    Wow Susan! Flip Flops! :) hehe!

  3. Mrs. HH, it's very well-worn, faded denim! I think I've probably had it for around 6 years, and it was handed down to me from my pastor's wife. The brand is Willow Bend.

    Carolyn - SHHHHHH! :) Don't tell anybody! LOL

  4. Whooo hooo Susan! I'm telling about the flip flops! You look great!

  5. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I hope Samuel (great name) had a wonderful time song-leading. Well done, Samuel. But you didn't tell us what you all sang!! (Please do!) And bless you, Susan, for giving up the time to sit and listen to your husband's sermon - instead, teaching a SS class. (hopefully the sermon was taped for you.) I'll have to get myself a name if I'm going to continue to drop in here!

  6. Hello Susan !! I have enjoyed reading your bloggings You have a gift at it . and i see no gray in your hair . You look great.I on the other had have a good bit in one area (the font side)that staingers ask me if i have painted it. mostly men . funny< I think . your children have grown so much. We are back in S.C. living in Piedmont. we bought a house . looking for somthing in Simpsonville . and landed here . $ the last 4 Weeks Leroy had been preaching in a store front church. in piedmont . only the Lord works such things. any way . i have gone on and on . pray for you all there !! Sheri (Williams) Thrift


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