Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My, Oh My! What an Encounter!

We had a couple over for dinner tonight, and as the lady and I sat on the patio talking quietly, I hear a slight rustle on my right. I turn to look, and there, just 3 feet away, is a medium-sized, inquisitive, bright-eyed SKUNK! I involuntarily gasped, which startled Mr. Skunk. He came to an abrupt halt and looked right at me. Mrs. T and I sat stone still, each whispering to the other not to move. The skunk looked a little confused, then turned around (this is where I really got nervous), and waddled back under the fence. You have never seen 2 ladies clear a table of dessert plates, coffee cups, napkins, and a camera so fast! Yes, we had a camera. No, we didn't even consider taking a picture. Although he did come back, after we were in the house. We watched him come through the other end of the fence, walk down the length of the fence to go through his original point of entry, then come back under and boldly waddle right under our noses (we were standing behind the closed patio doors) to the other side of the patio and through the fence on that side. What a bold little critter he is! The funniest part of the whole episode was while we were waiting to see if he would give us a whiff of his perfume, we were both thinking, "I've heard that tomato juice will get out the smell . . . " We just knew we were going to get doused! But praise the Lord, either we were not startling enough or the skunk was a nice one. That was just a bit too close for comfort, if you ask me!

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