Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Favorite Comedy Actor

My kids are watching the old Disney Movie No Deposit, No Return, starring Don Knotts. He has to be my favorite comedic actor! I love his facial expressions, his voice inflections, his sense of timing - he's priceless! He was so funny on The Andy Griffith Show - I crack up every time I watch him in anything. The funniest scene in the movie they're watching right now is Don Knotts stirring sugar into his coffee - seriously stirring, clinking the spoon against the cup the whole time - while comparing the various siren sounds, complete with perfect sound effects. Priceless. Just plain old fun.

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  1. Susan,

    My husband had never seen "No Deposit, No Return" so we rented it last year. It is a cute one and was a favorite of mine when I was young!

    The past year or so I have been watching "Andy Griffith" on TVLand. I had never seen it before and now it is one of the only shows I watch on TV. I was actually thinking about blogging about "Andy Griffith" and I may have to do that now!

    You are right - Don Knotts is an incredible actor. Love that "Barn".



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