Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's Pretty Late

We're just winding down after Bible study tonight. We had a smaller crowd than usual tonight because 2 families are on holiday this week. School starts in less than 2 weeks, so everybody is getting in that last little fling for summer. I was encouraged that one lady, who has been coming with one of the families on holiday, came of her own accord tonight. Last week her daughters came with her, and they were back tonight. It's so encouraging to see folks start to grow and get more interested in the church activities! I'm excited to start our Patch the Pirate Club in just 2 more weeks, too! I'm very impressed with the character lessons and the daily devotions for the kids. I pray that this program will make a difference in our kids' lives, drawing them closer to the Lord and establishing a lifelong habit of having a quiet time with the Lord each day.

Our church has bought a keyboard to use in our services. The folks at Bible study tonight loved it and are very excited about having it. I love playing it, but I still have lots to learn about all the different things we can do with it. It's a full-size keyboard with weighted keys, and it looks really sharp (that was one of the comments that was made several times tonight, how pretty it is), as you can see below!

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