Friday, August 05, 2005

It's Friday Again

I always get to Friday wondering what happened to the week! This Friday is no exception. It seems like the whole month of July just vanished into thin air, and we sailed right on into August without taking a breath. I'll be glad when school starts so I can rest! LOL

Wes and I have had somewhere to go every day this week except Wednesday. Monday was a surprise birthday party for fellow pastor's wife in the Vancouver area. It was hosted by a pastor that they've worked with for several years, and they are now getting ready to start a brand new church in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We're so excited about this new work, because there's never been an independent Baptist church in downtown Vancouver before. It will be in Vancouver's West End, which is an affluent area of offices, high rise apartment buildings, trendy shops . . . and several thousand people who have no one to give them the Gospel. This is also the heart of the gay community in Vancouver. This family, the Beliveaus, will need much prayer and support to live and work in this area. By the way, Leslie, the birthday girl, turned a very young 40, but this was an over-the-hill party extraordinaire! Lots of fun and fellowship and showing Leslie that we love her . . . in a roundabout way!

Tuesday we had to look for a new dryer. Ours is taking at least an hour and a half to dry one load of clothes. We found the one we want (the cheapest one we could find!) but it's not available due to the truckers' strike at the Port of Vancouver. My dryer is sitting somewhere on a dock, still in its shipping container. It should be in stock within a couple of weeks, which is fine. Not an emergency.

Yesterday we went to the BC office of Child Evangelism Fellowship and bought some materials for my Sunday School class. I've been getting my lessons off the internet, but it's hard to find things that use the King James Version on children's color pages, puzzles, and so forth, which it is our conviction to use. So after several months of muddling along with pieced-together Sunday school lessons, we finally have some nice lessons with visuals, verse tokens, games . . . I do best with everything all laid out for me!

On the subject of children's teaching materials, Wes ordered the materials to start a Patch the Pirate Club on Wednesday nights. We have Bible study in our home that night, and we needed some structure for the children. Patch Clubs teach godly music principles along with character building lessons and songs. There's a monthly performance so that the parents see what their children are learning in Patch Club. Majesty Music is top of the line in godly, conservative Christian music, and I can't wait to get started on our first Patch Club when school starts!

Today I'm getting my school resources in order. We've used Alpha Omega's Switched-On Schoolhouse for the past four years in our homeschool. It has worked well for our computer-oriented family. We use Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum for Bible, and last year we began using Saxon math for high school. I think SOS's strong point is Language Arts; I've been very pleased with their balance of grammar, writing, and literature. Our older son will be a senior this year (where did that little boy go?). He just needs a few more credits to graduate, and he's excited! He'll get to graduate with his friends in Texas next May, through our home church's Christian school. Our second son is going into grade 9, and will be taking some computer courses as electives this year. And our baby girl will be in grade 7, already growing into a young lady.

This post looks like a combo ad as I look at it! I promise, I'm not affiliated with any of these companies. They're part of our lives and happened to all be places we dealt with this week - what a week!

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