Monday, August 01, 2005

I Love Mondays!!!

Most people's favorite day of the week is probably Friday. I do like Fridays, but my favorite day of the week is Monday. My kids think I'm batty! LOL I love it because it's the start of a whole new week. And this Monday is even better than most: it's the first day of a new month too!

I love fresh starts, like New Year's Day, my birthday, our anniversary. I love the feeling that I haven't messed up this new time yet - everything is all fresh. Give me a few minutes, though, and I'll fix that, usually! The Bible says much about new beginnings. When a person gets saved, their new life begins and they become a new creature in Christ. God's mercies are new every morning; every day is really a fresh start with Him. And someday, when we get to Heaven, God will make all things new, including a new Heaven and a new earth.

I've been struggling with my eating for the past few weeks. As a diabetic, I'm really supposed to watch carefully what and how much I eat, but I get so tired of that. What a whiner I am! But today, being a new week and a new month, I've decided to start fresh and new, and try once again to take care of myself, not just for my sake, but for my husband and children's sakes too. They love me and need me (at least I think they do!). So here's to a fresh new month! Happy August!


  1. I love fresh starts, too - new day, week, month, year. Sometimes I hate to go to sleep because it means the day is over and I can't do anymore.

  2. Oh, I don't hate to go to sleep! LOL But I do love getting up early and getting some quiet time in, for my brand new day!


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