Thursday, July 07, 2005

Witnessing for the Lord

Tonight we went door-to-door inviting people to church and handing out tracts and more John/Romans booklets. Door-knocking is hard to me, because I'm a chicken. I love to talk to people, and once the door is open I'm ok for the most part, but that walk up the sidewalk and up the front steps is hard! All day every Thursday I dread it, but then once I'm out there I get excited and enjoy it. I guess Andrew and I did about 20-25 doors tonight. Most people weren't home. Of the few who were home, I think about three actually took a tract and seemed interested or at least friendly. That's how it is here (and in many places in the US, I'm told), but we'll just keep going. God blesses and brings people our way, even if they're not the ones we talked to during the week. I also gave a couple of ladies tracts at the grocery store today. Both of them seemed genuinely pleased to be invited to church. So maybe we'll see one of them someday!

Here's an idea I got from another lady the other day. If you have to use a quarter to get your cart at the grocery store, when you put the cart back, leave the quarter in it for the next person and leave a tract! Here it takes a looney, the one-dollar coin, to get a cart. We usually use a token that is the same shape and size as a looney that was distributed by a real estate agent, with their logo on it as advertising. We keep our "shopping looney" in the van, but I wanted to use a real looney when I had one and leave a tract. I did this a couple of weeks ago, and had so much fun doing it. I wonder who got the tract, and if they read it? Maybe the Lord will use that as a seed that someday will bring forth fruit, and I'll have had a part in it!

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