Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sundays Are Long . . .

We've been in full-time Christian ministry for 9 years now, and in churches that have both Sunday morning and Sunday night services all our lives, so Sundays are long. I like to squeeze in a Sunday afternoon nap, though, which always helps. Today it was noisy in the house AND outside! Wes was playing a shooting game on his computer. In my sleepy stupor it sounded like horses galloping . . . and galloping . . . and galloping. Samuel, our 16-year-old son, was playing a southern gospel CD of The Brothers (don't know much about them, but we like listening to them), so that was what the horses were galloping to. Then the neighbors (or neighbours here in Canada) went outside and had a water balloon fight. This wouldn't normally bother me, but we live in a community of townhouses and apartments, and all of our back yards on this side are directly across from the back yards on the other side, with our fences all going down the middle. We have no air conditioning here because it's hot enough for it only about one week out of the summer, thus it isn't cost-efficient to install and use. So our windows are wide open on a warm day. All of this produces lots of echo potential, so that when one group of people is having a party or laughing or playing music, or smoking, we all get to join in on the fun, whether we want to or not. So . . . I was galloping along to The Brothers right through a water balloon fight . . . how exhausting! It was only bothersome because I was sleeping, or trying to, anyway. I did manage to get enough sleep that I was perky again for church tonight.

Our church doesn't have Sunday night services yet - we can't afford to rent the rooms for two services at this point - so we go to church on Sunday nights at Greater Vancouver Baptist Church. This church invited us to work in Canada, and they have been our family here in Canada. Their pastor, Bro. Gordon Conner, has been much more than a friend to us. He has a vision for Canada and for the Greater Vancouver area, and he and his church have helped us and several other independent Baptist churches in the area get started. So this is where we go to church most Sunday nights (and where we worked for the first 6 months we lived here).

Tonight, Pastor and Mrs. Conner invited us to come to their house tomorrow - to celebrate the 4th of July!!!! I'm so excited! I had thought that we wouldn't be celebrating the 4th, since we'd celebrated Canada Day on Friday, but I sure was not looking forward to doing nothing tomorrow. So when Pastor Conner asked us to come over, I could have shouted for joy! We'll take burgers and hot dogs, a salad, and dessert, and I'll bring my "famous" iced tea. Famous in Vancouver, that is. People here drink hot tea all the time, but to most of them, iced tea is Lipton in a can . . . or Nestea. What heresy! LOL They've never had real, brewed, southern, sweet iced tea. But we drink it every day, so it's natural for me to make it and take it when there's a dinner. And folks here just love it! So that's my specialty . . . iced tea. Real tea. Mmmmmmmm

Oh, and about Sundays being long . . . it's always worth it! Pastor Conner's sermon tonight was excellent. I may have to share my notes on it . . . but not tonight. Like I said . . . Sundays are long.

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