Friday, July 22, 2005

Quickly Catching Up

This week has flown by! It's Friday already, and I feel like I'm still back somewhere around Tuesday. Our boys have been working at camp all week and are coming home today. I'm so glad! I missed them. It HAS been quiet though, with just Beth at home. We're all leaving Monday morning to go to the same camp, this time with all 3 of our children as campers, and Wes and myself as workers.

I got Beth's first skort finished. It turned out very cute! I'm making another one today - all the mistakes I made on the first one should be avoided this time. Barring any major complications, it should only take me one day to get this one done. I would have been finished with the first one early yesterday afternoon, but I made a mistake on the waistband and had to recut and resew it, so it took me till early yesterday evening to finish it.

Tomorrow will be full of getting clothes washed and ready to pack and cleaning the house to make sure we don't come home to a mess. That's one thing I hate, coming home from a trip to a messy house! It won't take much cleaning - just picking up scattered clutter and mopping the tile floors. Wes and the boys will get some door-knocking in tomorrow also, and Wes will be getting his sermon ready for Sunday morning (he already has the bulletin ready - what a guy!).

So that's about it for catching up. We lead such an exciting life! LOL When we get home from camp, I'm planning to get all our school plans made, curriculum ordered, and my personal schedule worked out. I make a schedule every year and end up not following it very closely. I'd like that to be different this year. I have several irons in the fire - teaching, reading, writing, crafting - and I believe I can devote some time to each area every day. I've found that as my children are getting older, I have more time to devote to other things that catch my interest. So we shall see! Thanks for reading!

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