Saturday, July 16, 2005

Late Saturday Night

Everybody is in bed (almost!). It's been a busy day, but I feel it's been a profitable one. The college boys and our boys all went soulwinning this morning, and two people made professions of faith! Wes will follow up on them, of course. One man promised to come to church tomorrow, and Wes and I have a lady to pick up in the morning. We also have several names of people who expressed an interest in coming to church sometime, so Wes will follow up on those also.

We've had a great time with these college guys. You know what's scary? These guys are only a few years older than Samuel; I think the oldest two, who are twins, are just a little over 3 years older than Samuel. So I'm thinking of these college young men as boys. Now when did I get old enough to think of college students as boys??? They've all gotten along well with each other, and they've been a joy to have in our home, along with their chaperone. Tomorrow morning, the boys will be playing their instruments and singing for our church service, and then we'll have a potluck dinner after church before they have to leave. Speaking of eating: why didn't someone tell me that college boys eat more than one serving of everything? I'm glad that they've enjoyed the food, though. They said they'd been eating sandwiches and restaurant food all week, so home cooking was a welcome change!

Does cream cheese sour? I set out a block of it this morning to make a dessert, and by this evening it smelled bad and tasted bad. I have never had this happen before. I don't think that dessert is going to be worth eating tomorrow. I'll have to take the cookies we have, along with some fruit and muffins. I don't have time to make anything else. The rest of my food will be an Egg Noodle Lasagna, Garlic Green Beans, and corn. Oh, and tea - sweet iced tea.

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