Saturday, July 02, 2005

I've Never Been Cold in July!!!!

I don't remember ever being cold in July, but I sure was yesterday! The temps here didn't get above 60, with overcast skies, wind, and an occasional drizzle of rain. I sat at our Canada Day picnic with a jacket on and a blanket wrapped around me! This is unusually cool weather for this time of year, we're told, but for a southern girl like me, it's really unusual. This time of year in Texas, it's around 100, most likely over 100. Although I don't miss 100-degree heat, it would have been nice not to bundle up for a picnic!

Today we went to Lonsdale Quay (pronounced 'key') to hand out copies of John and Romans in booklet form to passengers emerging from the Seabus terminal. Within minutes, the transit security guard came by to ask if we had permission to be there. Now this has happened once before, and Wes was told to call the transit office to obtain the required permission. The man he talked to there assured Wes that we were welcome to hand out literature outside the terminal. Yay! Wes also asked about written permission . . . the transit guy said no written permission is required outside the terminal. Yay, again! We thought we were good to go. Nope. It turns out that there was a misunderstanding about exactly where the 'terminal' is. What Wes had described as 'outside' the terminal was actually still a part of the terminal. So now we're back to square one with getting written permission from the transit office to hand out religious literature in the Seabus terminal. The security guard was actually very gracious - legally, he could have sent us packing, with a fine to boot - but he allowed us to stay until his supervisor arrived to talk with Wes. So we did get some booklets distributed (outside the terminal!), and we'll get the written permission that is required before we go again. The Quay is a great place to get out a lot of material in a short amount of time - an excellent opportunity to get the Gospel into people's hands, and we want to take full advantage of it! The pictures below show our sons, Andrew and Samuel, offering booklets to passersby (notice that Andrew has a jacket on - it's still chilly, but not cold like yesterday).

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  1. Susan, I sure will be praying that you can get the required letter, permission, etc. for you to hand out your books. I'll surely be lifting this up. I am looking forward to hearing more about this and what comes out of it!


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