Saturday, July 02, 2005

How's My Grammar?

I once won a state spelling bee and placed third in the national (with the SC Association of Christian Schools), and I've always done well in English. Looks like I'm not doing as well in spelling anymore!

Your English Skills:

Grammar: 100%

Punctuation: 100%

Spelling: 80%

Vocabulary: 80%


  1. Michelle2:46 PM

    Hi Susan,
    How did you find out? Was there some kind of test? I clicked on the title like it was a link, but it said page not found. Just wondering.I always like taking tests as I like grammar and feel like a walking dictionary sometimes. It really bugs me when I see a misspelling, too. :)

  2. Sorry, Michelle! I don't know what happened. I cut and pasted the link like it said, but I didn't check to make sure it worked before I posted it. Let me work on it and re-post it!

  3. Should be working now!


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