Saturday, July 30, 2005


What a sweet word - HOME!!! I'm always glad to get home again, no matter how good a time I have somewhere else. We did have a great time at camp. Our kids had the time of their lives. This was their first year of camp here in Canada. We've found Canadians to be more laid back than Americans, so camp was more relaxed in terms of wakeup times and recreational time than the one we're used to in the US. Chapel was excellent each day, with a morning session and an evening session. The pastor who preached didn't pull any punches with these teens; he preached clearly and soundly from the Scriptures, and decisions were made at almost every session, on things from salvation to purity to consistency in their Christian lives. The last I heard, there were two teens saved this week! A tour group from West Coast Baptist College joined us for the week too, and their singing was a great blessing to my heart. I love good music, and a couple of the songs brought tears of joy and thanksgiving to my eyes!

My time in the kitchen was enjoyable, but my feet knew something was different! LOL I've always had trouble with my feet, so I knew they would hurt. I wear my running shoes 95% of the time at home because I need the arch support. I didn't even attempt working in the kitchen with anything less than my runners! We got really busy at mealtimes, of course, but between meals was quieter, and we had the chance to sit and visit a bit. I really enjoyed the fellowship. The fellowship among the independent Baptist churches in this area is just amazing. We come from all different backgrounds, but we have one thing in common: a love for Canada and her people, and our desire to minister to the people here in the province of British Columbia. Those two things give us a common bond that is strong enough to overcome small differences of personality and ministry style and allow us to put those aside in order to work as a unified team to win people to the Lord and teach them the scriptural truths that will help them change their lives. Boy, that was a mouthful! LOL Anyway, I'm learning to love these folks that we serve the Lord with, and I so enjoyed the time to get to know them better, and the opportunity to meet other ladies from these churches.

I learned a lot about feeding 66 teenagers. You spend a lotof money. They eat a lot. They eat fast. They drink a lot, too. You work for two hours and it's gone in less than ten minutes (but that's true at home too!). It takes lots of trips to the store to get "just a little more" lettuce, or cheese, or bread, or milk. Actually, Wes learned that; he was our gopher of choice for the week! No matter how much you've planned, something will come up short - you learn to make allowances and compensate on the fly. Teens like watermelon, but not apples so much. They like sticky rice with soy sauce - and that was not just the Asian ones - we had it with almost every meal. I like it too, with a little butter thrown in for good measure. I learned that my feet can get so sore that they're almost numb after standing on them from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. And I learned that, no matter how worn out I am at night, I'm good to go again in the morning - even at 40! Yay for me! Yay for the Lord giving me strength to keep going!

Now I'm home and unpacked and most of the clothes are washed. The kitchen floor is clean. Tomorrow is Sunday again already, and we get to see "our" people, the ones the Lord has given us to minister to. Life is exciting, and life is good!

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