Sunday, July 10, 2005

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Today is our son Andrew's 14th birthday!!!! He's our smiling, teasing, singing, whistling, happy boy . . . I mean young man . . . always going on with something crazy. He's brought many laughs and much joy to our lives (although sometimes the whistling gets a little nerve wracking!) and our home wouldn't be complete without him. He loves computers and is getting quite good at making graphics and programming. He serves willingly and joyfully with us here, going on visitation, greeting our church folks as they arrive, ushering, and singing. He's also very, very good with young children - he's a kid magnet! They love him, probably because he talks to them like they're little people (imagine that!) and he gets down on the floor with them and plays their games. They have a blast when he's around. As do we all. We love you, Andrew!!!!!!

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